Naval Association of Canada Calgary Branch



The elimination of Naval Blindness in Calgary through the provision of inclusive support for traditional, current and future Naval engagement, activities and programs.


Foster a wider Naval family in Calgary through resource support for evolving Naval activities. Institute appropriate inclusive mentorship, education, and social Naval experiences through local community engagement.

The Modernized NAC Calgary

This modernized NAC Calgary seeks to educate the Canadian public on their Navy and what it needs if it is to contribute effectively to Canada’s security, prosperity and other interests, not only in home waters, but around the world.

We support the Naval Reserve including our host unit HMCS Tecumseh and the ship’s company of HMCS Calgary. As well we assist in developing Canada’s youth leadership and team skills through our support to the local Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps and the Navy League Cadet Corps. We offer bursaries to assist deserving university students with tuition and expenses. Through the National NAC, we support an Education Foundation for pursuit of education in a maritime studies program.

To publicize and preserve our Maritime Heritage, NAC Calgary works closely with the Naval Museum of Alberta, while NAC’s national headquarters is undertaking to work with maritime museums across the country, to bring Canada’s remarkable maritime history accomplishments to everyone’s attention and contribute to their preservation.

NAC Calgary members enjoy comradery derived from a shared service to Canada and an affinity for the sea. Members with years of experience in the Navy and in the business world can provide mentoring to other members anxious to learn ideas and techniques to help them advance. Additionally, NAC member comradery extends to the active support of less-fortunate members and those suffering the loss of a loved one. NAC goes to bat for the Naval family.